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A Guide for Choosing the Cloakroom Sink Unit

In case you are planning for a cloakroom makeover, then a cloakroom sink unit can be a great choice. While most of the bathrooms in the UK are small, there are fewer options available when it comes to finding suitable fittings and fixtures. As a result, cloakrooms designed for guests are usually small and, as a result, don’t have enough space available for a standard-size fixture.

Many people think, since it lacks space, they cannot do much to provide the bathroom amenities. However, having a small space does not mean you should compromise on style and functionality. After all, it is space that will be for guests, and having no amenities like bathroom storage will create a bad impression about you. That is why you should not ignore this important part of your home. 

What is a Cloakroom Sink Unit? 

It is simply a sink that is usually combined with a vanity unit. That is how it becomes a combination unit by offering dual utility. Since it is designed for small spaces, these have compact sizes. It may simply be wall-hung-style storage with a compact worktop sink or a smaller size floor standing. It may even be a semi pedestal sink that is fixed on the wall in a floating position. Whatever choice it may be, it will be compact and will help you save space. 

What are your options for the Cloakroom Sink Unit?

In case you want to install a cloakroom sink unit, then you will have to choose from certain options as discussed as follows.

1-Cloakroom Vanity Sink Unit. As we explain in the last section, you have an option to buy a sink with a vanity unit. This not only provides you with much-needed storage capacity but also eliminates the need for a separate sink. As a result, you can benefit from bath amenities by using the space of one. If you want a cleaner look for the sink where all the pipes remain hidden, then It can be an excellent choice for you. It is important that you particularly look for a slim design to maximize space-saving. 

2- Cloakroom Sink & Toilet Combination Unit. It is another space-saving solution that combines the sink and toilet. The worktop basin on top with the WC unit on the front or side offers incredible space-saving benefits. In addition to that, all the pipework of the sink and the toilet’s flush tank remain hidden inside, giving your bathroom a tidier and cleaner look. It is also available in some shapes where you can also keep your essential items inside. 

3Cloakroom Sink Wall Hung Unit.    As it is clear from the name, these are the compact size floating units that are fixed on the wall. The pipework remains hidden inside the cabinet. The empty space underneath is great for keeping. These designs offer many advantages like the spacious look, space-saving and easier cleaning, etc. 

4- Cloakroom Semi Pedestal Sink Unit. It looks pretty much similar to a standard full pedestal sink unit; however, it has a half pedestal. It is a kind of wall-hung floating style basin that offers great space-saving advantages. All its pipework, including waste, is usually fixed inside the wall. 

Features of Sink Unit

There are the following features of the cloakroom sink unit.

  • These units are available in various sizes. As a result, you have the option to choose one according to your needs. Generally, these sizes start from 350mm, which can go up to 1200mm. However, the suitable size of the cloakroom is 350mm to 500mm. 
  • These are available in different styles ranging from floor standing, freestanding and wall-hung units. You can choose as per the requirements of your bathroom. 
  • Whether you want to create a contemporary look, traditional, or timeless design, there are different styles of sink units available in the market. So, you have various options to choose from, allowing you to have the type of look you want. 
  • The sinks usually placed on the top of the vanity are available in various shapes like square, round and rectangular, etc. That can be helpful in creating the type of look you want. 
  • While the basins are available in white color, there are many options available for choosing a color for vanity sink units. These colors include hale black, white, beechwood, grey, etc.  
  • There are also type corner basins available that are suitable for corner installations. It helps to utilize the corner space that usually goes to waste without much use. You can either buy a type of vanity sink or semi pedestal style specially designed for the corners. These are specially designed for compact spaces and available as a stand-alone category. 

Need To Buy A Cloakroom Sink Unit?

In this article, we have a discussion about the cloakroom sink unit. After reading this, you will be in a better position to decide about the type of basin you want to install in your small bathroom.  At Royal Bathroom UK, we have a range of bathroom fixtures available at reasonable prices.

You can visit our website and explore all the options available for you. It has affected almost every aspect of life during the covid-19 pandemic. With delta variants spreading fast, we don’t have an option to protect ourselves through coronavirus vaccination. 

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